By Justin Kerr


How you spend your lunch hour says a lot about you as a person, a manager, a team, a company and a culture.

Do you sit by yourself? Do you invite other people to eat lunch with you? Do they invite you? Do you sit with the same three people everyday? Are you too busy to eat lunch? Do you ever buy someone lunch as a way to say thank you or good job?

Have you ever taken the time to consider the implications of these choices on your career, your team, your happiness?

Since joining Imprint Projects in January 2018 one of my favorite aspects of the company culture is the tradition of the weekly "Imprint Lunch"—a practice that informs everything we are and/or hope to be.

I recently wrote an article at about Imprint Lunch and why it is so critical to our company's culture. Please read it here.

Article features amazing images from artist Phil Ferguson @ chiliphilly.