By Justin Kerr


Promotions. Good Bosses. Bad bosses. Crying. Email Fights. Deadlines. Overtime. Human Resources. Interviews. Quitting. Bonuses. Work. Let's talk about it.                                      




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Meet Mr. Corpo: A Podcast Preview (8/23/2016)

JUSTIN: Promotions. Good bosses. Bad bosses. Crying. Email fights. Deadlines. Human resources. Interviews. Quitting. Bonuses. Work. Let's talk about it.

(Intro music)

JUSTIN: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Mr. Corpo podcast. I'm Justin Kerr, and I wanna talk about work. I wanna talk about the good parts, I wanna talk about the bad parts. I wanna talk about the "I shouldn't have done that" parts. I wanna talk about everything in between. You spend all day at work. You spend all week at work. You spend almost your entire life at work. And then you get to your funeral, and no one talks about work. I mean, the injustice of it all. Well, here at the Mr. Corpo podcast, we're gonna talk about it. We're gonna have interviews with special guests, we're gonna take your questions, we're gonna help you get promoted. We're gonna put more money in your pocket.

Our show launches on September 7, the first season is gonna be five episodes. So pull up your podcast app, hit the subscribe button, and then give us a quick rating while you're there so we can move up the ranks and more people can find us.

Oh, and one more thing before we go.

Who is Mr. Corpo? I've grown up in corporate America. I've run billion-dollar businesses before I turned 30. I've also toured the country in a rock band. I've started my own record label. I started my own company. It was called Black Sheep Postal Service. I can almost guarantee you've never heard of it. It was such a failure -- but more on that later. And I've also written 13 books, the latest of which is called How To Write An Email. It's a survival guide for corporate America. I literally wrote the book on how to write an email.

Hit me on the social channels. I'm on Twitter at Mr_Corpo, or I'm on Instagram at MRCORPO. So, without further ado, let's get to work. 01:55


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